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The most effective way of making money through internet marketing is by list building. List building basically means making customers out of strangers. Once you understand the strategies and learn how to effectively build your list, you can use your knowledge to market to both clients and prospects alike. Here are four of the proven ways guaranteed to build your list:

1.) Offer free newsletter subscription

Even if this could perhaps be the oldest tactic you can apply, it is proven that even until today, an email packed full of useful information is a very dependable instrument of maintaining communication with your past, current and potential customers. There have been many studies conducted that confirmed the effectiveness of free newsletters when 90% of the customers interviewed said that they will buy services from the same vendor once more if asked to. Imagine that! You can use free newsletters to close sales with previous buyers.

2.) Make the subscription and un-subscription processes easy for customers.

DO not just place your subscription form in your homepage. Rather, have it placed on every page of your site so your visitors miss no opportunity of signing up. Also, make the un-subscription process easy as well. Many people are hesitant to get involved in something if they do not see which way is the exit beforehand. Since they barely know you, the trust is not yet there. Hence, if they are unsure that they can easily break free if something begins to smell fishy, they would refuse to sign up for anything. However, if you can prove to them how easy it is to unsubscribe whenever they like, they would think that they have nothing to lose and thus, sign up instead.

3.) Write articles of quality content.

Having your articles in an article directory increases the chances of visitors coming across them considerably. If they see that your articles are of quality content, they would begin to read more of your articles, directing them to your site. Once there, they could get to see more about the products you are selling. If you can impress them with your articles, they would probably consider buying from you than from other sellers. Furthermore, by writing regularly on a certain topic, you quickly establish yourself as an authority on that topic. This increases the trust of customers and visitors alike. Sales would then result, followed by referrals. Another way of having people see your articles are by participating in forum discussions and blog chats by providing useful information and leaving links to your site and articles there.

4.) Write a free e-book

Choose some of your better articles on a single topic or related ones, proofread them, revise what needs to be revised, supply further information, and compile them together to make an e-book. Some people might not even want to bother signing up for a standard published ezine or newsletter but they would be enthusiastic in subscribing and exchanging their email addresses for a 15-page e-book packed with quality information they can use to solve a problem.

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