Ok, so I feel a little silly using these free advertising forum sites. But the fact is, I have discovered that they really do bring in regular traffic and sometimes sales and clicks as well.

Many of these free advertising sites get tons of traffic. So if you get in the habit of posting to them regularly, you ads will certainly at least get seen, and you just might be a little shocked at the results.

Other than writing killer ad copy, there are no big secrets to making it work, but here are a few little tricks I use to maxmize my results:

First of all, if the forum allows it, I always make a “mega-thread.” This just means that I make a thread with one of my ads in it, and then I keep coming back and replying to that same thread over and over again with the same ad or a similar one. This automatically sends it to the top of the forum which is where you ads really get seen. Not only that, it accumulates the most views and has the most replies as compared to the single ad threads, thus making it look really popular.

Another little trick is to rate your own threads at highest rating (normally five stars) which helps give the appearance of credibility.

And finally, I reply to others’ popular threads with my own ads, thus increasing my exposure.

I find that the two main keys to success when posting to free ads forums is to use great ad copy and to just be consistent and keep coming back to post my ads whenever I get the chance. There is automatic forum posting software that makes it breeze too. Otherwise it can get a little tedious at times. Still, if you don’t like the idea of forum posting software, you can always use tabbed browsing and keep several tabs open with the various forums.

I also post to the free classfieds sites along with the free ads forums that I post to. Some of these classifieds sites also have huge amounts of traffic, just like the forums. They might as well be checking out what you have to offer.

There is another thing to also consider. The backlinks from these classified sites and forums do count, at least a lttle bit anyway, when it comes to SEO. I mean I’m not saying they have the kind of value that will rocket your site to the top of the search engines, but they are most certainly better than nothing. The bigger ones get spidered constantly. So giving a little thought to the anchor text you use for your links doesn’t really hurt.

One final thing to think about: Though I’ve never tried it myself, I’ve often that if you get some profitable tactics going with the free ad sites and get a little system down, you could then outsource the posting and really dominate these sites. There are tons of cheap virtual assistants and freelance people ready to do this kind work. Well it’s something to consider anyway.


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