It would be easy to notice a purple cow if we suddenly encountered one, of course.

But how do you spot purple cows in the business world? To be a purple cow in the business world, Godin explains, “Stop advertising and start innovating.”

Consumers are immune to most of the advertising that reaches them, but they are hungrier than ever for real solutions to real problems.

The secret of successful Internet marketing is to create and drive word of mouth.

On 2/14/07 a snow storm hit New York’s JFK airport. Not only were Jetblue customers stuck on airplanes for over 8hrs, flights were delayed.
Fifty-two Jet-Blue planes were frozen on run ways in that ice storm,
passengers were stuck inside the grounded planes for hours. Other airlines cancel flights in anticipation of the winter storm, but Jet-Blue vowed to get customers to their destinations.

When it didn’t work out as planned, the company had a customer service
nightmare to deal with. Police were called in as irate passengers
argued with Jet-Blue employees at airport check-in counters.

At the height of this public relations disaster, David Neeleman,
founder and CEO of Jet-Blue Airlines, posted a video message on You Tube
to apologize to customers.

As far as I know, this was the first time the CEO of a major corporation posted a video message on You Tube directed at customers.

In his You Tube message, Neeleman explained that steps were being taken to prevent the same thing from happening again. And he outlined a new customer protection plan with enough substance behind it to show customers that he wasn’t just blowing hot air.

Even if the Customer have their mind in the event, they already have forgiven Jet-Blue. When the situation got out of control, Neeleman didn’t do what other corporate leaders have frequently done.
He didn’t call in his staff to manage the crisis. He didn’t hire a public
relations expert. He did what Purple Cows do-he innovated. He created
an innovative information product. And it worked.

Can you be capable of innovating?
Have you think about finding the way of being ans innovative as possible?

What do you think should be your next step?


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