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I started researching what is now known as SEO about 13 years ago. I tried over and over to build the site that I dreamed would rank at the top of Google. At the time, I began the key apparently was Meta Tags. I made meta tags just like my competition, and made by key word density for the words in those tags higher. I figured that would easily put me to the top. I waited for months on sites, and I never moved at all. One thing I did find interesting is there were some reputable sites that were stuffing words in like pornography, XXX etc. to try to capture free traffic on highly searched words even though their sites were not relevant to those results. Basically, after nearly duplicating sites I never improved my rankings.

The next thing I noticed is that all sites in a great position had thousands of pages in the Google index. The problem with this is many of my sites are simple sales pages, and I can’t create that many contents. I then stumbled across Traffic Booster Pro. This program seemed fantastic. I would generate unique content pages for a site and show them to a search engine, but then redirect the users to my website. I used this and it worked very well until Google crawled my site so much it crashed my data center. My rankings instantly disappeared, and even after the site was back up, and I scaled back the amount Google crawled. My rankings never reappeared. I had been penalized by Google for all the generated content. This was a short lived method to get some traffic, and I spent 100 bucks on it.

I then went on to exchange links. I bought programs like SEO elite, which I do recommend for anybody to use, but not for this purpose. More on that program later. I also joined I exchanged links like wild fire, making sure that my anchor text changed, following all the Guru’s advice. They claimed this is how they got their rankings. Bull, exchanging links is absolutely worthless. After doing this for a month, I went to see if the Guru’s were still offering link exchanges on their sites, if they had partner directories. Yeah right, there was no directories. They had already realized this was an ineffective strategy. Now links do help, search on Google for click here. Adobe ranks #1 and they don’t even have click here text on the page.

The answer to the question is no you should not exchange any links. The two ways to get your site links that impact your rankings are to share information like I do and link bait. The article that you are reading is also helping my rankings. I just write about my experience and knowledge, then distribute it to webmasters who want to constant update their content to get indexed several times a day. I do this several time a day with several topics that have to do with my sites. That is how I get links to my site, without exchanging them. I exchange information for one way links.

There are two ways. Link bait, and content sharing. Link bait is like the chicken website that Burger King built. I don’t know if you ever saw it, but it was a dude dressed up in a chicken suit dancing around and crap. It ranked them number one on Google for the broadest phrase you could think of. Chicken. The drawback to link bait is you have to be extremely creative to get something built that people actually want to link to. Alternatively, you can pay an expert in this field thousands to create link bait for your site. There are better ways.

Content sharing is exactly what you are looking at. I published this informational article for webmasters to add to their site. If people like it several websites will publish it. A SEO site trying to provide free advice my put this article online. This helps them because if they constantly add content Google will spider frequently. This can help them if they make a change to their site, to have it updated in the index quickly. The catch is to use the content that I write they have to include my resource box. The resource box talks about me and then gives me a link to a site that I want. I submit a bunch of free content to the directories where webmasters go to find it. When they find it an publish it, I get a link back to my site. The best part is even if a webmaster doesn’t publish my article the directories they go for publish my article and that creates links. I don’t link out on my site at all. I do have meta tags, but they don’t really do much. I also only have a 3 page website, and it still ranks nicely.

To conclude, it is not a big site , website code or meta tag. The highest I have ever ranked came from writing unique articles and distributing them. It is so much fun to share information that I find through articles. It is also a manual process which Google loves. Each one of my articles is unique so Google knows I am not just generating gibberish to throw off their index. This causes my links to be weighted very nicely. My basic job to promote my websites is to share the free information and pull links to my site.

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