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Have you heard of WordPress? It is a web page and blogging tool available to website owners free of charge. Not only that, but there are a large number of add-on modules, called plugins, which enhance the way WordPress works, and adds a number of popular options that many websites have come to rely on.

The SEO all-in-One Pack is probably the most popular plugin for WordPress. It offers even the most inexperienced amateurs the ability to create data that is supplied directly to search engines, and that is a utility that gets a website or blog spot noticed. If you haven’t installed this plugin, you really ought to consider doing so, it is that good.

If you want your blog spot to get discovered quickly, it might be a great idea to use a WordPress plugin such as Bookmarkify. On the surface, it is a simple addition which adds only one thing to your blog posts: the ability for reader to recommend the post to others via popular social media bookmark sites, such as Technorati and StumbleUpon.

Have you ever seen a blog site that used a tag cloud? That’s usually a list of keywords located in the sidebar, and lists the keywords used for each post, as well as those used for the entire website, with special emphasis on the keywords that are used the most often. At first, this utility may not seem very useful, but your readers will find it a fantastic to follow up on items of interest.

Admin Meta Links is an excellent plugin designed to help site editors and administrators edit and verify posts and web pages alike. Simply click the link on the sidebar, and you can instantly go from viewing mode to edit mode, making it possible to quickly proofread and test new items added to your website.

Keeping your blog spot up to date can be a time consuming process, but you can make it much easier and faster by using plugins. There are several dozen plugins available, ranging from behind the scenes utilities to on-page additions that encourage user interaction. Choose only the plugins you want to use, and customize your WordPress site to be just like you- totally unique.

There’re not many doubts, after all, that plugins for your WordPress site can be extremely useful. Whether you are trying to maximize your exposure, or just simplify repetitive tasks, there is probably a WordPress plugin designed with your needs in mind.

However, don’t take my word for it. Visit this website that specializes in reviews of WordPress plugins, and you’ll quickly understand how important these small utilities can be. They make running your WordPress site easier than it has ever been, and provide you with greater control over the things that matter most to you.

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