Well, these are a few thoughts and questions which came to my mind, when I decided to start blogging. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue, where to start and where to look; I didn’t even know the fundamental basics, not to mention where to find the applicable publications, or could I make money blogging?

Then, after a while, the next obstacle came along: which of the courses, software, tips, trends, marketing strategies, etc. were genuine, would work, were necessary and were worth their money? Which of the get rich schemes, e-books were just money making scams without any benefit for you?

Well, it took me quite a while to compare, getting different views and test results, but I worked my way through it.

You know, affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to create an income virtually automated. In addition, did I mention, start up cost and overheads are very small.

Recently, I came across one of the best niche affiliate marketers: Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton. They generate a lot of money by just promoting one click bank product, bidding on just one keyword…Furthermore, without any help from JV partners or even an email list! The formula created by them is called “Commission Blueprint.”

Of course, you will have heard this quite a lot of times before and to be perfectly honest so have I…But, after checking this out, I can give you the solid confirmation that this is the real deal.

It is a comprehensive course with no secrets, laid exactly how they do it step by step. Even if you are a newbie you will be taken through the entire process by thoroughly made videos plus all the tools you need. There is also a forum added, which will give you useful answers and guidance through the whole process.

So, if you are serious about affiliate marketing, this is the right blogging tool for you.


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