You know how you always see Internet marketers selling products about how to make money online and it seems all they do is make money by teaching how to make money?

Yeah, I’m pretty skeptical too, and that’s why I like this video.

In the second half of this video Yaro Starak takes you behind the scenes of two case studies of people who are using his online marketing principles to build businesses in unique niches:

  • Fran Kerr is helping people treat acne with alternative methods .
  • Jay Jay is a professional illusionist and magician, who teaches people his tricks using online video .

You can see how they are building their lists in this video. The start of the video is really inspiring, as Yaro takes you through a slide-show from his 8-month trip around the world.

During his trip he conducted two different membership site launches in two different countries. One of these launches alone generated $211,969 and the other resulted in a $20,000 a month income stream.

Yaro did this all while living in a different exotic city each week, traveling and running his business. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome lifestyle?

The membership site model can grant some amazing lifestyle freedoms and I’m excited by what Yaro is teaching. I like learning from people who are actually living the life they teach is possible.

Watch this video and I know you will be excited by the possibilities too – A video to inspire you to take action.

PS. Yaro opens his Membership Site Mastermind coaching program on Tuesday the 5th of May.

He’s only taking on students for one week, so if you want to study his course and work with him, make sure you don’t miss out and head to this page on Tuesday.


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