In simple words, article directories are websites that offer free articles. People who own the copyright to an article normally publish them here and use this method as a marketing tool. Beneath every article, the owners byline is positioned, so that the reader can see who wrote the article, which enables him to get in touch with the author or connect to their website for additional information.

Publishing articles through article directories is undeniably a good way which can improve your profitability. Through this approach, people who are attracted by what you are offering will read your article, see you as an authority about the topic, and will eventually visit your website.

Even if you are not a brilliant article writer, or you don’t know much about the topic you are promoting, there is always a way to outsource that work. It might at first look costly to get unique, well written articles from a good writer. However, they will definitely bring in some money very quickly. This could be through affiliate sales or by providing your own services.

Let’s assume that you are working from home, running an accountant business, for instance. Your topic would be something about accounting, and you would write an article about it. You would then submit that article to various article directories. People searching for that topic would read your article, recognize that you are an expert and have the necessary skills required to do a job for them. They will then visit your website or possibly communicate with you through e-mail. You see, that article just added a new customer to your business who might become a regular client. You will certainly profit from it at least once.

Additionally, since you have placed it on a free article directory, other people who operate affiliate websites about accounting will certainly publish your article on their website. Because they have to enclose your byline, it means more publicity for you through every website that publishes your article. This way, you will be profiting from all the traffic their websites will attract.

There are quite a lot of article directories available which could be useful for you. A good method would be to submit a copy of all your articles to as many directories as you can. This will ensure you the highest publicity possible. After all, it will help to increase your site’s traffic as well as the number of your site’s visitors, hence a rise in new orders and an increase in profit.


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