Have you ever wondered why some people release a product and it sells like hot cakes and other products don’t sell at all?

Yaro just released a short video that reveals a very simple technique to find out what people want, so your next product will be a best seller. It’s called the Blue-Sky video and you can watch it now.

I can’t believe how easy this technique is, yet how incredible the insights you can get from doing it. Yaro uses this simple idea each time he launches one of his membership sites. It’s useful because you can find out what people are actually willing to pay money for, rather than waste all that time creating a product and then finding out no one wants it.

Simple ideas are often the best, and this is definitely the case here. Stop guessing what your customers want. Go watch this video from Yaro now.

PS. If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy of the Membership Site Masterplan, it’s still available. Just go to his page and register and Yaro will send you a copy of what has to be definitely one of the best reports of this year. Don’t miss this new free report, get it here now.


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