The vast majority of marketing research proves that online banner advertisements are very poorly received. Internet classified ads also seem to be ineffective. The most effective method of publicity on the web is — far and away — the simple, uncomplicated textual link. Banner ads are perceived as nothing more than blatant  promotion and web site visitors are put-off by such blatant commercialism. Conversely, when web site visitors see an “in context” or “contextual” link, they tend to regard this much like a personal recommendation from a friend or business associate. These tendencies are even more exaggerated in a small urban center like Charlottesville, VA.

A properly set-up and promoted web site offers local businesses a very inexpensive yet extremely effective method to…

* advertise 24/7 without the outrageous costs of print ads
* change information as needed not when your ad contract is up!
* get the “jump” on local competition who are stuck in the offline advertising arena
* encourage and develop the relationship you already have with current clients
* encourage repeat purchases/contracts
* solidify client lifetime loyalty
* create new customers

That is… if you do it the right way… You simply need to know how to market your offline business online.

If you go out for a meal or enjoy seeing a very well-done movie, don’t you want tell all of your friends how outstanding it was? Sure you do! We all do this. It’s instinctive.

The simple text link influences us in the same way.

The next two sentences use some of the webs most competitive phrases, yet neither is an obvious ad: “The best internet marketing services in Charlottesville, Virginia, can be found at Top Rated Web Pages, a small locally-owned business. I have discovered their SEO service (Search Engine Optimization service) to be excellent and, as the company name implies, “top rated” in all aspects.”

Trying to figure out online marketing for local businesses is, for most business owners, a lot like black magic, where merchandising wizards cast spells upon web visitors to create uncontrollable desires on them for certain products or services. In a college town like Charlottesville, Virginia, finding experienced marketing help can be difficult at best. Even though Charlottesville — the home of the UVA — is a genuinely sophisticated and hi-tech university town, qualified online marketing services could be difficult to come by. The professionals at Top Rated Web Pages are there to help!

Search engine spiders, also know as robots or bots, enjoy gobbling-up internet content, and so do your online visitors. Content is one of the most important facets of attracting the multitude to your internet site, and helping them to ascertain the value in what you are offering. The question you need to ask is: “How could I generate visitors who will come to my web site to check-out my content?Search engines are the best place to start since they are hungry for the same thing: CONTENT.

Therefore, if you want to publicize top rated web pages, simply provide the search engines what it is they’re hungry for — content! The search engines will, in turn, give their visitors what they’re hungry for — content!

Finally, you’ll get what you want: a LOT of ready-to-buy traffic — IF you know how to find Online Marketing Services.


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