Drop shipping is a great way to be an online retailer, because of the countless advantages to not keeping a stock of products. You do need to do some research to make sure you are using the leading dropshipping companies that is available. There a few things you need to look for in a dropshipper.

Following are five things to watch for in a good dropshipper:

1. No dropshipping fees – A few genuine dropshipping wholesalers suppliers do charge a dropshipping fee for every order they drop ship for you, but a good number do not. To save money, and increase profits, it is best to work with a dropshipper that doesn’t charge a fee.

2. Recommended drop ship source – It is best to do business with a drop shipping supplier that has a good reputation. These may be recommended by another online seller, or maybe they are recommended by a reputable drop ship directory.

3. Quick shipping – It is vital that the wholesaler you do business with quickly fulfills any order you put in with them. The longer it takes for them to deliver the product to your customer, the worse you look, so they need to be efficient with order processing.

4. Product stock status – The dropshipper you use should have a simple system to verify what they have in inventory. It isn’t logical to offer for sale a product that your dropshipper does not currently have, as it may take a very long time for the product to be delivered to your customer.

5. Get your questions answered – If you have questions about orders or inventory items, you need to be able to simply get a hold of a representative of the dropshipper. Easy and efficient lines of communication are super important to your ultimate success.

To be successful as an online retailer you have to do business with other businesses that are willing to help with your success. Locate the right free dropshipper to do business with and both you and your customers will ultimately be completely satisfied.


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