The income which one can achieve from making money with articles and affiliate links on his or her website does clearly vary from person to person. The popularity of your site is the main reason for this and a few other key factors play a crucial role as well: the right SEO optimization will equal a top search engine ranking, a unique appealing content will attract many visitors, having a popular niche topic, how big your site is and the number of websites you have published.

There are some people who say that they earn about $10,000 a month just by setting up and promoting niche sites. However, this is more the exception as most people starting this kind of business are newbies. It is a well known fact that for being that successful, oneĀ  normally needs quite a bit of experience and skills.

After you have operated a site for a few months and your SEO set up is working towards the right direction, plus you picked the ideal affiliates, a realistic figure could be estimated at around $500 to $1000 per month from making money with articles. However, bear in mind that this return for all your work on that website is on a monthly base and not just a one off deal.

Nearly all bloggers prefer to carry on building niche sites once they have established a flourishing site. Because more sites will create additional return for you. Some prefer to set up very fast and short sites contrary to the ones which show much more content. Anyway, it is known that the bigger sites are likely to be the more profitable ones.

When you start in this kind of business, always bear in mind that your initial site will be the most difficult one to create, because at this stage you are purely learning the basics. Additionally, it doesn’t lie in everyone’s nature to market and promote niche sites. Therefore, this kind of business might not be the right one for you, and finally, it might cost you some money, but it is a risk everyone participating in this industry is confronted with.

It is paramount that you don’t give up without trying hard, provided that building a successful website from scratch is actually what you want to do. Your initial site will most likely take much longer to set up, the work may be tiresome, and, at some stage during the process, you probably want to abandon the whole project. Even so, if you stop too early making money with articles, you will never experience what may be possible. And furthermore, it might have worked out for you to become the next great online marketer after all.


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