Having the bad Internet marketing strategies can ultimately ruin your business. There are many mistakes Internet marketers make when they first started out in this industry. Here are some of the bad Internet marketing strategies they used as a mistake in running their own business.

1.The Wrong JV Strategy

When Internet marketers first started out, at some point in time, they figured they need help. Help to set up their website, create their own e-book or to sell their product to a large list in order to gain more profit. Let us take the scenario of wanting to sell their own products to someone else’s list. A list is a list of email addresses of the people that has subscribed or opted-in to promotional email newsletters that have information of value. Having a joint venture partner who has a large list sounds good to be true, because the probability of making a huge amount of profit is very high.

However, the mistake that some Internet marketers do is that they promote a product that is contending with their JV’s product rather than complimenting them. For example, if I am your JV partner, and I am promoting a copy writing course to my list, but you want me to promote your copy writing course as well that clashes with some of my copy wrting training fundamentals, what were you and I am thinking?

What we should do is to promote our products that compliment to one another. So, if I am promoting a copy writing course to my list, you can promote a copy wrting e-book or software. Thus, wouldn’t you imagine that there would be more credibility in our products, sales would be much more effective and the profit could be easily split?

2.Leaving Your Pay-Per-Click Ad At That

One of the most biggest mistakes Internet marketers make is not testing out their ads for their effectiveness in click through rates and website conversion. How a pay-per-click advertisement works is that for every click your customers clicked on your ad, you will have to pay a few cents. What some Internet marketers do is that they create an advertisement and just leave it for targeted traffic to come to their sites, but they do not test out other different ads that have the potential to bring more targeted traffic, but induce less cost.

I like to use Google Ad words because the changes I make in the ad take place immediately rather than waiting a couple of days at other pay-per-click engines. What I recommend you to do is to change the style and words of your ad at least once in two weeks. At the same time, take note of the traffic and website conversion rate. A website conversion rate simply means the number of your visitors that turn into your customers. Do this Internet marketing strategy for three different ads that promote the same product and compare them to one another. The ad that gives you the highest number of traffic and website conversion rate is the ad that you should be using for that product.

3.Not Being Honest In E-mail Marketing

Internet marketers build large email lists to promote their products or to provide them with freebies, newsletters or advice based on what their customers are looking for. However, some Internet marketers are dishonest in the ways of email marketing. They will re purpose or sell their lists to other internet marketers of another niche and their customers will eventually receive emails that did not opt-in for.

This is an act of not respecting customer privacy, and you can be labeled as a spammer. What you can do is to find a JV partner of the same niche as you’re in and ask if he could help you promote your product in his list. As a reward, he gets commissions for every product, he has sold in his list.

Besides these three bad Internet marketing strategies, There are many other strategic mistakes that people do not realise that could harm their business. This is often overlooked because making money is utmost on their minds. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be thinking about making money, I’m saying that you should be making money the smart way. Discover from other internet marketers the mistakes that they have made throughout their Internet marketing journey and learn from it in order to prevent your business from unforeseen circumstances.


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