Microsoft has taken full advantage of the popularity of the MSN web messenger constantly improving the features of the capability. Except for the attempt to make this browser-based instant live messaging application a functional feature of their service, Microsoft is maintaining the old form of the MSN web messenger in the same parameters. In fact there are not so many distinctions between this web capability and that offered by the competitor Yahoo! Messenger, for instance, and comparisons are anything but few. No matter the improvements, the standard initial features will remain the basis for any innovation.

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To name just a few of the prime advantages of MSN web messenger we ought to begin with the group conversation feature that makes it possible to communicate with twenty people at a time in a highly organized manner. Then, with the upsurge of mobile communications, the MSN web messenger has improved functions so as to allow access not only computer-to-computer, but computer-to-cell phones as well. The limitations of the function are caused by the regional characteristics that influence Internet or mobile phone availability and by the specificity of the mobile service provider.

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Then, MSN web messenger allows good data protection, giving the user the freedom to block messages from unwanted or unknown contacts. The availability status will allow you to stay invisible or unaccessible and thus stick to your privacy preferences. On the contrary, in case you need to improve the availability level, you can include all sorts of data in the private contact box, and enjoy the details of your friends in a similar way. Music titles can be shared for informative purposes too; it all depends on the customization level you choose and on the way you understand to use it in the first place.

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For new users of MSN web messenger, have a look online and check the technical requirements. This could also help you learn more about the service advantages, features and usage mode. In terms of comparison with the competitors, MSN web messenger doesn’t stand out by any peculiarity; so far the choice of one provider or another has been reduced to personal selection criteria. What is good to know is that all services come up with newer versions of their messenger, changing design and adjusting features here and there, although the basic elements stay the same.


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