Quite a few people work with free article content which they get from articles directories. Publishing these on their web sites helps to increase the numbers of their visitors, hence a rise in revenue. It is quite a significant point for someone who has just started in affiliate marketing, but has not got sufficient financial funding yet. In order to start making money, first they have to build some niche websites to attract visitors.

Even if this may look like the only choice for you if you are on a tight budget, it is definitely not a method to create a successful website and an adequate income. There are actually some reasons why this could be harmful to your business attempts:

Search Engines. If your site has in fact published the exact duplicated content which other sites are showing as well, the search engines will penalize you for this. Your search engine ranking will not improve if a variety of websites have identical content.

You need a good search engine ranking in order to pull visitors to your site so that they have an opportunity to click on your affiliate links. Without enough traffic to your site, there won’t be any income for you. Therefore, it should be paramount having the right search engine optimization for your site.

Increasing Your Click Rate. Despite all the hard work and effort one has to invest to achieve a top search engine result, it is only half way down yet. You have to persuade your visitors to click on your affiliate links as well. Can you imagine, if they are confronted with the identical free article content they recognize from various sites, they won’t be attracted to click on your links. Because nearly all people like to buy something that is endorsed by either someone they trust, or who is an expert on the topic.

If your site is only showing copied content from other sites, no one will see you as the expert you claim to be and as a result, they won’t trust your product endorsements. This will decrease your click through rate.

Author Bylines. If you use free content, usually you have to  position the authors byline beneath the article. It could be a problem since nearly all author bylines contain links. If a reader reaches the end of a genuinely interesting article, it is very likely that they then click the author’s byline instead of one of your affiliate links. This is the only motive why they offer free article content in the first place. The purpose is to get their names and links publicized. Running your business this way may not result in a successful outcome.

These three points together will strongly affect your income purely for the reason that you use free article content from article directories. It may be the only alternative for a few, but if you can afford to buy your personal unique content, definitely go for it. However, if you are on a tight budget, it might be wise to write your own articles and once your financial situation has improved, make use of a professional service.


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