Viral marketing is one of the most simple and certainly one of the most highly effective ways to increase brand awareness increase product sales. The term viral refers to the nature of this marketing technique – the message is passed on from one person to the next with little effort and whoever comes into contact with the message starts sending it along it as well. Like a virus, the marketing message spreads rapidly and reaches a large number of people.

If you want to increase your brand’s popularity or if you want to increase your product or service’s sales, you should definitely consider running a viral marketing campaign. If you have never done it before, it is about time you considered doing it. The results will really be a surprise.

The biggest advantages of this marketing technique include:

1.It virtually costs next to nothing to run a viral campaign. The USP of these types of campaigns is that they use existing communication networks and reach thousands of people in a short time frame. The marketing message is usually spread through emails, articles, blogs, software, and social networks – all of which are free to use.

2.   These campaigns usually have an incentive for the user. The campaign is most often created in such a way that the customer who gets the marketing message usually has an incentive to give it to his friends. You can virtually offer anything, from free software programs to free wallpaper, free email services to free buttons to free PLR articles. This way, the user gets rewarded for his effort to spread the message. This will prompt them to do it over and over – thus widening the scope of the campaign.

3.It is so very simple to share a marketing message through a viral marketing campaign. So once again, these campaigns use both free email services and social networks to reach out to end users. The user finds it so easy to share messages with his friends.

4.   Viral marketing is all about utilizing other people’s resources. For example, if you give away a free article to someone and ask him to place it on his website, he will be happy to do so. Think about this, he gets fresh content to his site which is a great benefit for him. The most important thing is - placing a text link or an image link at the bottom of your article. This way, everyone who reads that article will be tempted to click on that link and visit your site – provided your article is interesting and informative. This gives you free, highly targeted traffic without spending any cash at all.

As you can see from what I have explained above, a internet viral marketing campaign is probably the best way to put your business on the map. You can design your own campaign if you have the time and creative mind required to get it done. If you do not, you can engage a good marketing company which will handle it all and run a successful viral campaign. So, weigh in your options and make the right decision today.


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