If you sell on the Internet, you have two possibilities how to handle the items you sell to customers. You may either acquire the goods on your own, using your own funds, and keep them in inventory. Another, and possibly better option is to use a drop ship wholesale who handles inventorying the goods and delivers to your customers.

Following is a list including many reasons to consider using a dropshipping wholesaler with your e-commerce business:

1. No inventory – If you use dropshipping, your supplier keeps the products in stock, so you do not have to. They pay for this inventory and you never possess any inventory as the items are shipped directly to your customer.

2. Shipping not required – Because you never have physical possession of the products you are selling, you don’t ever deal with shipping and the issues that go along with it. Shipping is done by your supplier, saving you a lot of hassles.

3. Inexpensive startup costs – There is very little money required to start up a online business using drop shipping, because you can do it from your home and you do not have to buy any product. Using a dropship wholesaler is a tremendous way to try out selling online.

4. Risk reduction – There is very little risk required to sell online when using trustworthy drop shippers, such as a drop ship eBay service. You don’t have any inventory you have to worry about selling, so you can test various products to see what is the right one to sell.

5. Multiple products to offer – If you use drop shipping, you will have a great product selection to offer for sale. This allows you to find out what products sell best for you, without having to pay for an expensive inventory.

Selling via the Internet can be very rewarding and is within reach of most people, due to the low startup costs when you use a drop shipping wholesaler. Use a wholesalers directory to find reputable wholesalers to deal with and you have a much better chance at success. Drop shipping has made it viable for a good number of people to make money online, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.


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